Thursday, April 30, 2009


So I have three words for you all... I HATE MOVING!!!! Logan and I found a beautiful townhouse that we are moving into at the beginning of next week and I am so excited about that! BUT... the bad part about it all is that we have to be out of the apartment we live in now TODAY!! Logan and I are stressing out pretty bad. We moved stuff onto trailers and trucks all day yesterday, but we still have more stuff to box up and move. And we have to have the apartment spotless before the landlord comes over so we can get all of our deposit back. I'm STRESSED! I am so happy and excited to move into a bigger place with a backyard for my doggie... but I don't know if I can handle this whole moving thing. If I live through this experience, I will be sure to put up some pictures of our new house for you all to see!

Friday, April 17, 2009


So Logan just finished up another crazy semester at BYU-I and it was just as stressful as ever! But I just wanted to write a quick post to congragulate him on yet another 4.0 semester! Whoo-hoo!!! I am SO SO SO proud of him! Logan worked his butt off and it really paid off in the end! Good job Logan! Keep up the good work!

your wifey

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Egg Extravaganza!!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays and this year was the best yet! Every year my parents put on a great easter egg hunt and it never fails to be entertaining! The rules have changed a little bit from your average egg hunt, and the most difficult one is that you have to be tied to your partner. This makes it a little bit harder when you have got your eyes on the prize but you are both looking in different directions! Although Logan and I sucked at finding the "money-eggs," we made out like bandits in the soda area! This is because my amazing mom goes above and beyond by covering the whole back yard with not only eggs, but soda and candy too! So its not hard to say that this year did not fail to be as entertaining as ever! Here are a few of my favorite pitcures from the big hunt!
My sister Kalee and her friend Zach had a hard time getting into the tiny corner behind the power box without some major stretching!

As you can see, my brother Cory is super excited when Katelyn got her hands on something good!

Logan and Cory raced to the top of this tree to grab what they thought was a money egg... but it wasn't a money egg, and the only thing Katelyn and I got out of it was a few bruises!

Logan is really focused on winning! INTENSE!

Here is my favorite picture! From this picture you can see how hard it is when you and your partner are going in different directions while you are tied together!

Here is my awesome family after the blood-bath we call the Beck family easter egg hunt! This year's hunt was awesome and I can't until next year!

Friday, April 3, 2009

A few from Kalu

I was just flipping through our camera and found some funny pictures of our dog Kalu that I thought I should share!
Kalu was helping Logan with his studies by falling asleep on his book!

And then he decided that my neck was a good place to crash for the night! He really doesn't understand the concept of personal space! I know both of these pictures are of him sleeping but I just had to share! Enjoy!