Friday, January 6, 2012

A kink in the plans

I know it has been way too long since you all have heard from me, but I can explain. We have been so busy! Between weddings, Beckham's first birthday, vacations and Christmas in Idaho we haven't had time for much else. This isn't going to be a long update... I just dont have the time for that right now. Tomorrow I will be 36 weeks pregnant and there is a good chance that this little girl will be making her debut sooner rather than later. I was admitted to the hospital yesterday because of an issue with the baby's heartbeat. After hours of testing we discovered that our baby has a condition called Atrial Flutter. Basically her little heart is beating around 220-270 beats per minute and that is way to fast. More testing will be done today and the doctors will decide soon whether to deliver her today to be able to treat her condition directly, or if they will postpone delivery and try to medicate her through me. We have a lot of questions right now and not a lot of answers. We appreciate the support from our friends and family, and we will try very hard to keep you all updated as soon as we get more information.