Monday, September 12, 2011

A little story about the craziest day of our lives.

Are you ready for a crazy story?
(Warning: this post contains some "personal details" about me. If you don't care to read them, then just skip to the end of this post and I'm sure you can figure the whole story out without the gory details.)

Almost 2 weeks ago I made an appointment to go to the doctor to treat what I thought was a bladder infection. I thought I had nailed all of my symptoms and it was going to be a quick appointment. Get in there, get some pee drugs, and get out. Easy right? Not even close...

After an hour of filling out what felt like a million health history forms and waiting another 20 minutes I was escorted to a bathroom to leave a "sample" and then taken back to a room to wait. I had never met the doctor before and was pleasantly surprised when very nice looking woman came in and greeted me. (As a woman, it is always a little more comfortable to have a female doctor when you have personal issues to take care of!)  After she introduced herself she asked me to describe my symptoms... I started rattling off my symptoms and was just waiting for her to confirm my own diagnosis until she stopped me mid-sentence and said:
"Stop right there. You're pregnant."


I was speechless. I was positive that she had to be wrong! 

After she reassured me that they tested my urine and I was most definitely pregnant, I started to cry. I was so overwhelmed thinking about my 9 month old son at home and my husband who had just started medical school. I had no idea how it had happened. I am a religious birth control taker... why didn't the pills work? I want a refund!!!! As soon as I calmed down enough to talk, I called Logan. 

Me: (crying) Logan, you have to come meet me at the doctor office. NOW!"
Logan: What's wrong?? Is everything ok? 
Me: (still crying) Just come down here.
Logan: Is it cancer???
Me: (bawling now) No. Not even close! I'm Pregnant!!!!
Logan: *Silence*
Me: Logan??
Logan: I'll be there in 5 minutes.... *click*

While I waited for Logan, the nurse drew my blood and then called next door to the Radiology and Ultrasound clinic to get me in for an emergency ultrasound to check the baby. The doctor wanted to check the baby right away because I had been taking birth control, dieting, and definitely not taking any prenatal vitamins due to the fact that I had NO idea that I was prego.

Logan showed up a few minutes later and we sat in the waiting room in silence as we waited to be called back to get our ultrasound. We were thinking that I had to be only a few weeks pregnant because I wasn't showing at all and I had not been feeling anything close to morning sickness. Waiting to be called back felt like an eternity.

After waiting about 40 minutes, we go back to a dark little room. I pulled my shirt up enough to expose my belly, and the ultrasound tech squeezed a big glob of goo onto my belly, and the craziness began.

If you have ever been pregnant before, or seen what a baby looks like at the first ultrasound, you know that it looks kind of like a jelly bean and has very little definition. The image we saw was not of a cute little jelly bean swimming around in my stomach. It was an image of a fully formed, almost 18 week old fetus! Ten fingers, ten toes, the whole shebang!!!! We were blown away! Impossible!! I wasn't even showing!!! Someone had to be playing a prank on us! This would make Beckham and his new little sibling only 14 and 1/2 months apart! 
I can't do this!!!!!

The ultrasound tech probably thought we were the weirdest couple ever because we were almost completely silent and had blank/stunned looks on our faces. At least until she said... "Would you like to know the gender?"  I was blown away yet again that not only did I just find out that I was pregnant an hour ago but now I get to know the sex?! This day could not get any crazier! Seconds later she uttered three words that almost made it all better. 

"It's a girl!"

Logan and I both teared up and couldn't believe our eyes. It was a beautiful and healthy baby girl!

The rest of the day was a blur... We were in shock and didn't have much to say. We were terrified, shocked, scared, and a little excited. But mostly terrified. How were we going to raise such young babies? Holy crap.

Every day since, we have gotten more comfortable with the idea. We feel like this baby girl is definitely supposed to be here for some reason because we took all the precautions we could to not get pregnant. Heavenly Father has a plan for us that is a lot different than the plan we had in mind for ourselves. We are just trusting in our Heavenly Father that we will be able to handle this change of plans and continue to be the best parents we can be to Beckham and his new little sister. 

Here is a picture of me taken today at 19 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I'm starting to get a little bit of a belly that definitely wasn't there 2 weeks ago!
The official due date of this baby girl is February 4th, 2012!

Logan and I would love to hear ANY advise you have on raising 2 children. Words of encouragement are greatly appreciated as well... we will take anything we can get! Oh, and we need some help thinking of a name too!! We don't have any name ideas yet! Help! 

Welcome to the family baby girl! We love you like crazy and are so excited to meet you!