Monday, November 30, 2009

Something to be thankful for!

Well last night Logan, Dylan (brother-in-law), Annie (sister-in-law), Jerry (Father-in-law), April (mother-in-law), Erika (sister-in-law), and I were all boarding a plane in Denver for our final leg of our journey home from our fabulous Thankgiving in Mexico. We had a crazy experience that reminded us how thankful we all are to be together and alive. About 10 minutes after take off from Denver, the flight attendant came over the speaker with a scary announcement.... "Attention Ladies and Gentlemen... the pilot has just informed me that our landing gear is not functioning correctly and we are going to prepare for an emergency landing back in Denver shortly." When she ended her announcement you could hear a pin drop in the plane. The flight attendant proceeded to review all of the safety "brace" postions you must assume during the crash landing and where to exit the plane as soon as it was safe. Then she asked if anyone who was a doctor, paramedic, or in the military to please move to an exit row to help evacuate and care for those injured. At this point my heart is racing and my whole body is shaking. All I could do was hold onto Logan and tell him I love him. All around us there were passengers calling and texting family members to tell them what was going on and that they loved them. It was so scary to think that you were moments away from crashing and that if things went badly it would be our final moments on this earth. For the sake of shortening this post I will tell you all that we landed.... everyone on the plane was safe...... and we all lived to see another day. But it was an experience that humbled me and made me remember to appreciate every single moment I have on this earth with Logan and our families. Don't take life for granted and never miss a single moment to tell the people you care about that you love them... you never know when your time is up!

Now that I got that off my chest, I am happy to say that we had the BEST time ever in Mexico and I will be posting pictures of our trip as soon as I can find my camera adapter! Adios friends!