Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Splish Splash!

A few nights ago Logan and I experienced one of those parenting moments where all you can do is laugh.  
We were were having a nice night at home and it was almost bedtime for the kiddos. Beckham had been bathed and had a clean diaper and pajamas on, and I was in the kitchen warming up some milk for his nighttime snack. Logan was helping me out by getting Emmie's pajamas on and we were really looking forward to some peace and quiet in the house once the kids were asleep. That's when we heard a puzzling noise.... 
Apparently I had forgotten to drain the bathtub and Beckham thought it would be a good idea to hop back in! At first we didn't know how to react but then we looked at each other and laughed. This will be one of those moments we will look back on to remember that we can't always be in control! 
Hooray for the joys of parenthood!