Saturday, December 18, 2010


I know I promised you all a nice long post about Beckham's birth but I am just not in the mood! I have been procrastinating everything except snuggling little Beckham! So to hold you over here is a picture of my super-duper cute baby boy!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Beckham James Cooper

Logan and I are proud to announce that our wonderful bundle of joy is HERE! Beckham James Cooper was born on November 23 at 2:25am. He weighed 8lbs 1oz and is a beautiful 21 inches long! We are so incredibly blessed and could not be happier!

I have lots more to blog about but not enough time right now. Being a new mommy is crazy! Beckham's birth story is my next post... just be patient with me!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

TAGGED! (Thanks Coya!)

I was tagged by the beautiful Coya Reid to answer these 8 interesting questions and tag 8 more friends to do the same!

  • 1- What show do you secretly love to watch but wouldn't want anyone to know?
  • Hannah Montana... I don't know why but I watch it everytime I flip past it! (...I'm slightly embarrassed now...)
  • 2- Which of the five senses would you get rid of if you had to choose one?
  • Smell. I work in the dental field and between bad breath and vomit I could really pass on having to smell it everyday!
  • 3- Get into the third folder and go to the tenth picture and post it and tell us the story behind it. If you don't have ten pictures in that folder go to the next and count to the number you had left from counting the last one... does that make sense?
  • I went on an AWESOME Halloween date with Mitch Seamons and some other friends a few years ago. We went to a haunted house and then carved pumpkins! It was so much fun and I love looking through these pictures now and remembering what a fun guy Mitch was. RIP Mitch!

4-Who is your favorite family member in law style!!! :)
  • For the sake of my happy life... I am going to be lame and not pick a favorite. I value my head too much!
5-What are you most excited for this christmas?
  • I am most excited for my baby to be here and to get to experience our first Christmas together as a family!

6-If you had to choose between having 12+ kids or only being able to have one which would you choose?
  • 12 kids... I would rather have a house full of crazy kids than just one.

7- To get ready for halloween, name one of your biggest fears?
  • Natural disasters scare the living crap out of me!

8- If you only had a few words to describe me what would they be? :) hehe had to throw one in about me of course! (Coya)
  • One AWESOME vocalist! Thanks for the tag Coya, and keep up the posting! I love reading about your wonderful family!

Now its my turn to make up 8 questions and tag 8 people! Here I go...

  1. What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
  2. What is your favorite way to relieve anger/frustration?
  3. What was the last good movie that you watched? Why?
  4. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?
  5. Name 5 things that make you happy!
  6. Describe your perfect day.
  7. What is the worst job you have ever had?
  8. If you could relive the best day of your life, what day would it be? I want details! :)

I tag...

  1. Whittney Davis
  2. Ashley Hanson
  3. Megan Cooper
  4. Courtney Kearns
  5. Rachel Nelson
  6. Megan Jorgensen
  7. Marcie Davies
  8. Annie Cooper

Friday, October 1, 2010


My belly has been doing A LOT of growing in the last few weeks! It has been so fun and crazy watching the changes that happen every day. I can feel tiny feet and little fists punching and kicking all over the place, and his bum and head push out the sides of my belly making it look slightly unnatural. Here are a few things I have experienced in my first few weeks of the third trimester.
1. HEARTBURN... oh mama! Tums have become my best friend!
2. Swelling... by the end of the night my toes look like puffy little marshmallows.
3. I can't eat very much and it feels like every meal I eat sits in my ribcage for hours before it moves south!
4. I can barely tie my own shoes.
5. I HATE dropping things! Everytime I drop something I seriously consider leaving it there and waiting until Logan gets home to pick it up for me... I promise I'm not lazy, I just hate the feeling of not being able to breathe when I bend over! All of you ladies out there who have been pregnant know what I'm talking about!
6. I love love love feeling my little man move inside of me!!!
7. I have to pee constantly... sorry if thats gross but it's true.
8. Finding a comfortable sleeping position = IMPOSSIBLE!
9. Logan loves my growing belly and it makes me feel better about getting so huge.
10. I'm getting really impatient! I can't wait for the baby to get here!!!

Here are a couple pictures of my belly at 30 weeks. I made Logan take a picture of my belly in 2 different outfits this weeks because I couldn't believe it was that big already!! The first picture was right after church and the other is later that afternoon... Is it just me or did it grow in just a couple hours!???

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Separation anxiety

On wednesday my husband left me for a 3 day camping trip.

This camping trip was required for school which is fine


I am home alone.


I am having some serious separation anxiety issues without Logan here.

I can't wait until he gets home tomorrow!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bedding and Bellies

Good news!! Our spare bedroom is finally starting to look like a nursury! After months of searching we finally found a bedding set that we both agreed on and could afford. I am in L.O.V.E. with it! We have decided to do a jungle theme for our little man's nursury and if it weren't for Logan keeping me sane, I would be blowing our bank account on giraffes and monkeys and anything that looks jungle-ish to decorate! I'm so excited to see how cute he is going to look sleeping in his new bedtime-digs!
Ain't it cute?

And for the sake of keeping friends and family updated... here is a picture of my enlarging belly a week and a half ago at 26 weeks! I have been doing a lot of expanding since the last picture I posted of my belly at 22 weeks!

I have been feeling great and really enjoying this whole pregnancy thing! I don't get sick very often at all, but I get full REALLY fast. Logan has had to help me finish a lot of my meals lately, which is okay because it seems like his stomach is a bottomless pit! This baby has also started doing more than just gymanstics in my stomach.. he is now playing full on soccer games in my stomach at all hours of the day! It's a wonderful (but crazy) feeling and I cherish every little (and big) kick. This pregnancy has been such a blessing to us and we are so excited to be parents!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy -late- Birthday!

On August 20th Logan celebrated his 24th birthday! It was tons of fun spending time with him and we had an awesome BBQ with our close friends and families. Here are some pictures from the festivities!
Andy and Logan grilling up some burgers for the party!

The birthday boy!

My beautiful mom and sisters!

Opening presents... Logan got SPOILED!



Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2 years down... Eternity to go!

On Sunday Logan and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary! I can't believe I have already been married to this handsome man for 2 YEARS!!!

Logan and I celebrated by driving to Utah and spending a couple days together. It was WONDERFUL! We did a ton of shopping for ourselves and the baby, and spent some much needed time together. I love Logan so much and I am so excited to spend eternity with him!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Baby Business

Lots has been happening in the baby department since I last posted. As you all know we are having a baby BOY and we couldn't be happier! We have been doing a lot of shopping and preparing but we are still no where close to being ready for this little man to come out. Good thing we still have 3 1/2 months until he gets here!

Logan's dad surprised us with this beautiful crib and dresser set for an early baby gift... I am in love with how beautful they are!

We still haven't purchased a bedding set yet so we are using Logan's baby quilt his mom made for him until we find a set that we love (and can afford!).

My belly is GROWING and I need to do some serious shopping for a few new shirts that will fit my enlarging stomach and little better! At our 20 week ultrasound the baby was measuring about a week bigger than what my due date says so hopefully that means he will be surprising us a little earlier than we hope! My favorite thing that has happened lately is feeling my little boy doing gymnastics inside of me! Feeling him kick is the most wonderful feeling I have ever experienced. It makes all the other not so fun parts of pregnancy all worth it! Here is my belly at 22 weeks... I always feel like it looks a lot bigger than what the picture shows!

Thats all I have for now... I have to go pack because it is my 2 year wedding anniversary with my handsome husband this Sunday! We are off to Salt Lake City for a little vacation together! Adios!

Monday, July 26, 2010

An uplifting night of blog-stalking...

Well, I am sitting at home sick as a dog... waiting for my husband to get home from work to take care of me... and blog-stalking people like crazy! During all this I ran across a blog with a few awesome quotes about building a testimony that made me want to read more. I stumbled across this full article put together by the Relief Society Presidency that made me smile and want to evaluate my own testimony! You can skip this article if you want... this is mostly for me so I can always have a quick way to refer back to this cool article. But... if you do decided to read it, I hope you love it as much as I did!

(PS - Please be patient with me... I have LOTS of fun updates and pictures on the way, I promise!! I just need to find my camera!)


"It is not a travelogue."— President Spencer W. Kimball


"A testimony is not an exhortation; a testimony is not a sermon, none of you are there to exhort the rest."

"The moment you begin preaching to others, your testimony ended."— President Spencer W. Kimball


You will not be able to stand on borrowed light when you face hardship and temptation.— President Harold B. Lee

"I do not want men to come to me or my brethren for testimony as to the truth of this work; but let them take the scriptures of divine truth."— President Brigham Young


"It is amazing what you can say in 60 seconds by way of testimony, or 120, or 240, or whatever time you are given, if you confine yourselves to testimony."— President Spencer W. Kimball


"You possess a testimony; share it. Never underestimate the far-reaching influence of your testimony."— President Thomas S. Monson

"Oh, if I could teach you this one principle, a testimony is to be found in the bearing of it."— President Boyd K. Packer


"Some of us are naturally reserved and timid about bearing our testimony with words. Perhaps we should not be so timid."— President James E. Faust


The first is that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior, the Mediator and Redeemer of the world.

The second is that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.

The third is that all of the Presidents of the Church since Joseph Smith have been successors in that power and authority.

The fourth is that President (Thomas S. Monson) is the only prophet of God upon the earth, holding all of the keys, powers, and authorities of the Church in the earth today.— President James E. Faust


"The bearing of a testimony is akin to a declaration of love. Romantics, poets and couples in love ... have sought more impressive ways of saying, singing or writing it. ... And when all is said and done, the declaration which is most powerful is the simple, three-word variety. To one who is honestly seeking, the testimony borne in these simple phrases is enough, for it is the spirit that beareth record, not the words."— President Boyd K. Packer


"Testimony is as elusive as a moonbeam; it's as fragile as an orchid; you have to recapture it every morning of your life."— President Harold B. Lee

"You have to fight for a testimony. You have to keep fighting!"— President Spencer W. Kimball


"If you are bored at a testimony meeting, there is something the matter with you, and not the other people."— President Spencer W. Kimball

"A testimony is not thrust upon you; a testimony grows. ... Let it grow, help it grow, but do not force it or you will open the way to be misled."— President Boyd K. Packer

Friday, July 2, 2010

The results are in...

55% of you wonderful readers were right on the money!!!!!!!!

It's a......


Sorry this picture is so blurry, but I took it with my phone! If you look right next to the arrow you will see a perfect little set of boy parts!

Logan and I are so excited, and I don't think we have been able to stop smiling since we got home from our ultrasound this afternoon!

More ultrasound pictures and updates coming soon!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Bun in the oven!

I have 3 words for you... LIFE IS GREAT!
I love being pregnant and I never could have imagined that I would enjoy it all this much! I am 17 weeks along now and I'm getting so excited to start feeling this little one move around inside me. I'm pretty blessed that I haven't had to deal with being very sick, but I have been super tired 95% of the time. I feel like I can't get enough sleep! I have had a few cravings, but nothing too crazy... I usually just want some french fries from Dairy Queen, or a turkey sandwich. I'm sure though that the farther along I get, the more I am going to crave! My belly is slowly making it's debut and I am in desparate need of a shopping trip for some new shirts! I can't wait until I actually look like I'm pregnant instead of looking like I have a "food" baby all the time. Logan has been so great at taking care of me through all of this.. He is SOOO excited to be a dad and is doing everything he can to help me prepare for the little one to get here. I know without a doubt that he is going to be an INCREDIBLE dad! We are going in to find out the gender on Friday and I am so pumped! I can't wait!!!! If you are reading this go ahead and vote "boy" or "girl" on the poll on the right hand side of our blog! I want to know what you think this baby is going to be! I'll be sure to keep you all updated on this pregnancy and I will definately blog about the gender news on Friday!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wanna know a secret!?

Logan and I are going to be welcoming our first beautiful Cooper baby
into the world on...

December 5th, 2010

Wow...! Its feels so good to finally get that off my chest! ;)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

All grown up

Last night I helped my little sister get ready for her last high school dance ever! My mom did her hair and I did her make-up, and I must say that she looked B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! I'm so amazed with the awesome and wonderful young woman that she has matured into.
This is Kalee and her handsome date! They look pretty snazzy huh?
A here they are on their way to dinner...
I hope that little convertable didn't mess up her hair!

Monday, May 3, 2010

The small things...

I have been so caught up in planning for our future lately that I have been forgetting about all of the fun stuff that is going on RIGHT NOW! So here is a quick recap of our kinda boring lives!

We did a little fishing...
Logan finally took his new fly rod out on its first fly fishing journey! We couldn't have done it though without the help of my awesome brother Cory and his wonderful wife Katelyn. We always have so much fun with them! Don't we look so cute in our dorky waders and boots?

Logan finished up another year at BYU-I with flying colors...

I'm still working like crazy and enjoying it...

Logan studied his bum off for the MCAT which lead to...

A fun filled and stressful trip to Boise to take the MCAT! We dropped Kalu off with his favorite Aunt Katelyn and Uncle Cory on Friday and started the 4 hour journey to Boise. On the way I gave Logan the good luck present I made for him... A little book to remind him how much I love him!

We rolled into Boise at about 4:00pm and went right over to check into our hotel. After that we went to find the MCAT testing center, and to time how long it would take Logan to get there on Saturday morning (we wanted to make sure there wasn't any reason for him to be late!). As soon as we were done we went over and had a wonderful dinner together at The Macaroni Grill, went back to the hotel and tried to fall asleep early. But between the nerves and the really loud kids stomping up and down the stairs all night long, Logan didn't get as much sleep as he wanted! After a rough night, I wished Logan luck and sent him on his way to take the most important test of his life so far. Four and a half hours later he walked back into our hotel room looking exhausted and worn out. Now all we have to do is wait for a whole month to get Logan's scores back... This is going to be the longest month ever! We spent the rest of the weekend shopping and spending time with family and just enjoying our time together without work or school in the way!

Our lives are really taking some big steps and Logan and I can't wait! We just have to remember to take it slow and enjoy the small things along the way too!

Friday, April 30, 2010


Well tomorrow is D-day.... Logan takes the dreaded MCAT tomorrow and we are both a little nervous for it! We are in Boise right now and Logan is getting more crazy and nervous by the minute! (I'm running out of things to distract him with!!) Keep Logan in your prayers and wish him luck... this test is going to determine the next few years of our life!

-Sorry this is so short... I promise you all a big long post when I get back home to Idaho Falls! :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Go Logan!!!!

Today we got the good news that my awesome husband Logan
pulled off another amazing feat!
Straight A's again!!!!
I am so proud of Logan and all of the hard work he does to get good grades!
I love you so much Logan and I know that you are going to do so well in medical school next year! You are going to be a great doctor someday!
Your Wifey

Friday, February 26, 2010


I know that doing 2 blog posts in one day is out of character for me but I just wanted to add one quick little thing....

(my favorite best friend and her husband)
Whittney and Drew Davis
on their little bun in the oven!
Due September 9, 2010
Whoo hoo! I'm so excited for you guys! You are going to be
awesome parents!!!

22 unexpected things you can put in your dishwasher!

I found this article on a another blog today and I thought it was totally awesome! I knew some of these things on this list could go in the dishwasher, but I was totally inspired to find our how many more things can go in the dishwasher too! Read on and be inspired too!

1. Kids’ toys. Germophobes everywhere swear by this method of sanitizing baby toys and teethers in the dishwasher.

2. Hairbrushes, barrettes, scrunchies and hair ties. Dirt and oil, as well as residue from hair products, can build up on combs, brushes and hair accessories. The top rack of the dishwasher is the safest place for these hair tools.

3. Garden tools. Top rack only for plastic-handled tools.

4. Baby bottle brushes, scrub brushes, vegetable brushes. Ensure the bacteria hiding in your kitchen brushes is eliminated by sanitizing them in the dishwasher. As with all plastics, it takes trial and error to make sure the material used is safe for the dishwasher; wash only one of each type at a time until you establish their safety.

5. Baseball hats. Get them clean and looking as good as new by washing in the top rack of the dishwasher. There are even cool dishwasher safe plastic cap holders available to protect their shape!

6. Toothbrushes. Make sure that plaque germs don’t get back into your mouth by way of the toothbrush. Sterilize in the top rack.

7. Pet toys. Eliminate pet saliva and dirt periodically with a nice toy wash in the dishwasher (no, you don’t have to wash them in the same load with your dishes!).

8. Faux Flowers. No more dusting floral arrangements – wash them in the dishwasher on a light wash setting instead!

9. Kitchen sponges. Kill the germs instead of spreading them around. Sponges can handle 2-3 hot dishwasher cycles before they start to break up.

10. Makeup brushes. Dirt and oil from skin can cling to bristles; sterilize every 2-3 months, depending on frequency of use.

11. Shoes. (including athletic shoes, sandals, jelly shoes, crocs, and rubber boots).

12. Plastic broom heads and dustpans. Unscrew the head from your broom handle and kiss the germs goodbye. Top rack placement is recommended to protect the plastic.

13. Keyboards. Google this one... I don't know how to do it but I know it can be done!

14. Cages of fans. Completely dismantled (read: no electrical pieces and/or cords!), the front and back cages, as well as removable fan blades, can be washed in a dishwasher to get rid of dirt and grime that clings from the air.

15. Tooth brush holders. Toothpaste and minerals from water can build up on your accessories; wash in the dishwasher from time to time to prevent build-up.

16. Refrigerator shelving. Most modern refrigerator shelving is designed to be dishwasher safe (older appliances are likely not). If in doubt, only wash one shelf to ascertain its dishwasher-safeness. Removal of the top dishwasher rack may be necessary to fit shelves in properly.

17. Soap dishes. Soap buildup can be hard to remove (seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it?!). Dishwashers can have soap dishes looking brand new in no time.

18. Pen holders. Ink from leaky pens can pool up in the bottom of pen jars and cups. A thorough washing may not remove the ink stains, but will prevent the spread of gummy ink to your pens and papers.

19. Cup holder inserts from your car. Many cars now have removable cup holders that are dishwasher safe (thanks go out to Chrysler/Dodge for pioneering this feature for busy moms on the go). No more sticky cup holders!

20. Glass globe covers for light fixtures (don’t use a heavy wash setting). The top rack of the dishwasher is safest for these. You can even “wedge” them into place with sponges against the rack to keep fixtures from possibly moving or breaking.

21. Cooking foods. No this one isn’t a joke! People have honestly cooked meals in their dishwashers. It works because of the containment of extreme heat and steam, causing convection of sorts. Lasagne has been cooked in the dishwasher with success; so has fish (general) and salmon with cilantro. Now you can't cook potatoes in the dishwasher but you sure can clean them in it! (just leave out the soap!)

22. Trash can lids and trash cans. Take out the top rack to fit a small to medium sized garbage can in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning.

Pretty cool, huh? I'm definately going to try some of these and if any of you know any more cool things that can go in the dishwasher let me know! Onward fellow homemakers!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Possible solution? I hope so!!

So I know that I haven't posted in a while, but its because I really don't have anything to post about! Life has been pretty boring and laid back lately which isn't always a bad thing. But I found this funny picture on my camera and thought I would share... We came home from church and Kalu had found one of Logan's old wristbands and decided to make it his new toy. Logan wasn't too wild about the idea of his wristband being Kalu's new toy so he decided to do solve the problem by putting the wristband on Kalu's head... Well, Kalu HATED having it on his head and hasn't played with the precious wristband since! So now I'm wondering if this has been the trick all along to stop our spoiled dog from playing with whatever he wants... just put it on his head!?! I am excited to see if this works with my socks that Kalu loves to play with so much. If it works I will do my best to get a picture of him with a sock on his head too!!

Friday, January 22, 2010


I just celebrated my 21st birthday this week and I have to tell you that it was fabulous! I got absolutely spoiled by friends and family! I feel truly blessed to have such great friends and family, you guys are the BEST! Here is a picture of me with the awesome princess crown cake that my parents picked out for me!

But here is the BEST part of my birthday.... Logan and my parents teamed up and got me a birthday present that came straight from heaven! Here it is, a Nikon D3000 with 2 lenses and a memory card. I haven't been able to put it down since I ripped the wrapping paper off of it!
I am so lucky and you guys can count on me to be posting a whole lot more pictures from now on! If anyone knows some good photography tips, send them my way!

Friday, January 15, 2010

My little man

This is my little pup Kalu, who a few days ago went from this little shaggy fur ball to...

...A clean cut and freshly groomed little man! The sad thing is that the groomer cut his hair so short that he shivers all the time in the frozen Idaho temperatures. Logan hates it when people put clothes on their dogs, but I felt so bad for Kalu that I insisted we buy him a sweater to keep warm! So in a comprimise, Logan said we had to buy the dorkiest looking sweater so that people would think it was more of a joke than a serious outfit for our dog. Regardless, I am just happy that he has stopped shivering!

For the sake of me and my little dog... I hope summer gets here soon so we can say goodbye to the dorky sweater!