Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Logan!

Yesterday was my handsome husbands 23rd birthday! We celebrated by having a fun family BBQ at the park across the street from our house, and here are some pictures from the festivities!This is the very sloppy birthday cake I made... haha I promise that not all of my cakes look like a 5 year old made it!

Logan got spoiled with lots of presents! He got some clothes, shoes, and a new fly fishing rod from the family, and a big ole' grill from me! This is my little cousin Addison running away with one of Logan's birthday cards!

And when the party was over Kalu somehow ended up with all of the party balloons! He looked so funny running around the park with all of these balloons! If there would have been a few more I'm pretty sure that he would have floated right out of the park! We had a blast and I am so happy that we were able to celebrate with family! Happy birthday Logan! I love ya!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time to get motivated!!

Lately I have been getting really worried about the fact that Logan and I do not have much of a food storage. I have had numerous dreams about some huge disaster coming and all Logan and I have for ourselves is a few cans of food and a can of wheat for bread... basically we end up being totally screwed in these dreams and I am getting pretty freaked out! I feel like everywhere I look there are signs telling me "GET PREPARED!! GET PREPARED!!" And it seems like every Sunday at church the lesson is about being prepared and I need to step up to the plate ASAP! I know that getting prepared is so important but it is so hard to do on the TINY little budget we have to live on. So, I am going to make a goal to make food storage and preparation one of my main priorities! And I can't back out of it because now I have told all of you bloggers out there and I can't make myself a liar now can I? So blogging world... mark my words! I will be better at being prepared and make Logan and I ready for whatever comes our way! YAY for food storage!

(PS- Does anyone have any good tips on how to get started on food storage? I can use the help!)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summertime News

So I have been a horrible blogger for the last few months and I am just going to give everyone a quick recap on our lives this summer! There really hasn't been very much going on so this really won't be too long. I finished my dental assisting internship at the beginning of July and got hired at Elison Orthodontics. It has been the best opportunity and I love going to work everyday! Logan finished his internship at Teton Radiology and I was so happy to see that he really enjoyed getting a first hand look at how the radiology business runs. Now Logan and I are just enjoying our free time together before school starts and Logan has so much homework that he can't remember who I am! We had lots of fun by getting out of the house and going whitewater rafting, fishing, and playing lots of volleyball and cards with family and friends! Here is a picture of the big ole' fishy that I caught at Logan's grandparents' pond!

The biggest event of our summer has to be our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! I can't believe that a whole year has come and gone already! I can't believe how much our love has grown for eachother and how happy we are! This has been the best year!!! So, we treated ourselves by getting a room at the Little America in Salt Lake and going to Lagoon and doing some serious shopping. It was so fun and we had a blast hanging out with some friends at Lagoon and spending some quality time together. We went to dinner at our new favorite restaurant TUCANOS! It is an all you can eat brazilian grill and is the experience is so fun that I can barely describe it. If you get the chance, go to Tucanos, you won't regret it!