Thursday, January 29, 2009

There is a new member in our little family!

We got a puppy! I have been begging Logan for a puppy since we got married and he finally buckled! Last Wednesday I asked Logan if we could go look at a puppy... I promised him that I wouldn't make him buy the puppy and all I wanted to do was look... Well we met the breeder at a gas station in Ririe and I tried my best to hide my excitement the whole way there. The moment I walked into the gas station and I saw the puppy I fell in love with it! Needless to say, Logan couldn't refuse me once he saw how attached I was and we took the puppy home with us that night! Our puppy is a Morkie (maltese-yorkie) and he is only 8 weeks old. He weighs 2lbs. 9oz. and is black and brown with little white spots on his back paws and chest! His name is Kalu. Logan picked the name from a common name on his mission in Africa. Kalu in Africa is the equivalent to "Carlos" here in the states (my parents just call him Carlos). Most of the time he is an angel, but he has his devilish moments too... For example, last night he jumped off of our bed while we were sleeping and decided that it would be a good idea to poop under the bed. You can guess that he was in A LOT of trouble when we woke up and found out what he did! Other than the occasional accident he "usually" goes to the bathroom where he is supposed to, doesn't bark, and knows just how to butter us up! He is a cuddle-bug and we can never stay mad at him for very long! We are so lucky to have him! Here are a few pictures we have of Kalu so far...

Playing with his new rope toy!

Getting caught chewing on the pillow.... he is so hard to be mad at!

Just hanging out!

His first bath... he is so little that the bathroom sink was the perfect size!

He didn't like bathtime very much...

I will post more pictures soon to keep you all updated with how he is doing!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

School Days!

Well our Christmas break is over and Logan and I are both back to the hum-drum days of school life. Logan is already neck deep in homework and is getting a little stressed out but at the end of the night he gets it all done. My classes just started this week and I am already starting to get over whelmed with all the work they are going to be this semester! We are both a little too excited for summer break even though its still 3-4 months away! But ever since we have been married it is crazy how fast time flies! Logan has already been home from his mission for a YEAR! It seems like just yesterday that he stepped off the plane. 2008 was a busy year and I hope that 2009 its just as exciting!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let's start from the beginning...

I decided that it was about time that Logan and I finally got in on this whole blog business! But just to warn you, I'm not very good at being a "blogger" yet, so bear with me on this! To give you a little background info about us, we started dating in the Fall of 2004 when Logan was a senior at Idaho Falls High School and I was a little sophomore! We dated for the majority of that school year and all the way through to when logan left on his mission in February of 2006. Logan served faithfully to the people of Cape Verde, Africa for two years and came home in January 2008. We started dating the moment he got home and were married on August 8th, 2008! We now live in a cozy 2 bedroom apartment in Ammon, Idaho and we go to school full-time! We are so so so so happy together and can't wait to see what our new life together throws at us!