Friday, January 15, 2010

My little man

This is my little pup Kalu, who a few days ago went from this little shaggy fur ball to...

...A clean cut and freshly groomed little man! The sad thing is that the groomer cut his hair so short that he shivers all the time in the frozen Idaho temperatures. Logan hates it when people put clothes on their dogs, but I felt so bad for Kalu that I insisted we buy him a sweater to keep warm! So in a comprimise, Logan said we had to buy the dorkiest looking sweater so that people would think it was more of a joke than a serious outfit for our dog. Regardless, I am just happy that he has stopped shivering!

For the sake of me and my little dog... I hope summer gets here soon so we can say goodbye to the dorky sweater!


  1. same thing happened to our sweet little rylee. we found several cheap and dorkie sweaters at target :)