Monday, May 3, 2010

The small things...

I have been so caught up in planning for our future lately that I have been forgetting about all of the fun stuff that is going on RIGHT NOW! So here is a quick recap of our kinda boring lives!

We did a little fishing...
Logan finally took his new fly rod out on its first fly fishing journey! We couldn't have done it though without the help of my awesome brother Cory and his wonderful wife Katelyn. We always have so much fun with them! Don't we look so cute in our dorky waders and boots?

Logan finished up another year at BYU-I with flying colors...

I'm still working like crazy and enjoying it...

Logan studied his bum off for the MCAT which lead to...

A fun filled and stressful trip to Boise to take the MCAT! We dropped Kalu off with his favorite Aunt Katelyn and Uncle Cory on Friday and started the 4 hour journey to Boise. On the way I gave Logan the good luck present I made for him... A little book to remind him how much I love him!

We rolled into Boise at about 4:00pm and went right over to check into our hotel. After that we went to find the MCAT testing center, and to time how long it would take Logan to get there on Saturday morning (we wanted to make sure there wasn't any reason for him to be late!). As soon as we were done we went over and had a wonderful dinner together at The Macaroni Grill, went back to the hotel and tried to fall asleep early. But between the nerves and the really loud kids stomping up and down the stairs all night long, Logan didn't get as much sleep as he wanted! After a rough night, I wished Logan luck and sent him on his way to take the most important test of his life so far. Four and a half hours later he walked back into our hotel room looking exhausted and worn out. Now all we have to do is wait for a whole month to get Logan's scores back... This is going to be the longest month ever! We spent the rest of the weekend shopping and spending time with family and just enjoying our time together without work or school in the way!

Our lives are really taking some big steps and Logan and I can't wait! We just have to remember to take it slow and enjoy the small things along the way too!


  1. we need to do another one of those fishing trips. it was fun! and we loved having the company!

  2. Your blog is so dang cute! Did you make your new title thing yourself? If you did, you have to teach me one of these days!! It sounds like you had a fun trip to Boise. Good luck waiting for his scores, I am so not patient! I'm sure he did great!

  3. I'm sure he did awesome! and can I say I LOVE the blog!!1 and your gift was adorable!

  4. you are the sweetest wife ever! I bet you are so relieved to have the MCAT over with. Hey, you better be looking for a place for us to live next to you guys. MIss ya!