Friday, October 1, 2010


My belly has been doing A LOT of growing in the last few weeks! It has been so fun and crazy watching the changes that happen every day. I can feel tiny feet and little fists punching and kicking all over the place, and his bum and head push out the sides of my belly making it look slightly unnatural. Here are a few things I have experienced in my first few weeks of the third trimester.
1. HEARTBURN... oh mama! Tums have become my best friend!
2. Swelling... by the end of the night my toes look like puffy little marshmallows.
3. I can't eat very much and it feels like every meal I eat sits in my ribcage for hours before it moves south!
4. I can barely tie my own shoes.
5. I HATE dropping things! Everytime I drop something I seriously consider leaving it there and waiting until Logan gets home to pick it up for me... I promise I'm not lazy, I just hate the feeling of not being able to breathe when I bend over! All of you ladies out there who have been pregnant know what I'm talking about!
6. I love love love feeling my little man move inside of me!!!
7. I have to pee constantly... sorry if thats gross but it's true.
8. Finding a comfortable sleeping position = IMPOSSIBLE!
9. Logan loves my growing belly and it makes me feel better about getting so huge.
10. I'm getting really impatient! I can't wait for the baby to get here!!!

Here are a couple pictures of my belly at 30 weeks. I made Logan take a picture of my belly in 2 different outfits this weeks because I couldn't believe it was that big already!! The first picture was right after church and the other is later that afternoon... Is it just me or did it grow in just a couple hours!???


  1. Ah, fond memories. I kept a bottle of Mylanta by the bed and would swig from it several times during the night. Hang in there! It is all so worth it :)

  2. you know i have heard and believe that if you have a lot of heartburn you will have a baby with lots of hair :) not much longer to go :)