Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time to get motivated!!

Lately I have been getting really worried about the fact that Logan and I do not have much of a food storage. I have had numerous dreams about some huge disaster coming and all Logan and I have for ourselves is a few cans of food and a can of wheat for bread... basically we end up being totally screwed in these dreams and I am getting pretty freaked out! I feel like everywhere I look there are signs telling me "GET PREPARED!! GET PREPARED!!" And it seems like every Sunday at church the lesson is about being prepared and I need to step up to the plate ASAP! I know that getting prepared is so important but it is so hard to do on the TINY little budget we have to live on. So, I am going to make a goal to make food storage and preparation one of my main priorities! And I can't back out of it because now I have told all of you bloggers out there and I can't make myself a liar now can I? So blogging world... mark my words! I will be better at being prepared and make Logan and I ready for whatever comes our way! YAY for food storage!

(PS- Does anyone have any good tips on how to get started on food storage? I can use the help!)


  1. Allie oh my goodness I had no idea you had a blog! That is so cool you are working at the Elison office he is my orthodontist, he did all my families braces and stuff. We need to go to lunch or something I want to hear how everything is going!

  2. Hey Allie!

    That's really weird...I have been feeling the need to get our's going too! Haha the last blog I posted was about needing too! I totally suggest checking out safelygatheredin(DOT)blogspot(DOT)com. It's an awesome food storage website with tons of help. I have heard variations of how to do it and I think what I will do is: Every week you go grocery shopping, buy double what you need for one of the meals you are going to eat and put one set of it away as food storage. That way, it only adds a few dollars a week. Try and catch good sales too!